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Re: [Gnu-arch-users] Ongoing Comparison Between Version Control Systems

From: Peter Conrad
Subject: Re: [Gnu-arch-users] Ongoing Comparison Between Version Control Systems
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2003 12:09:20 +0200
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On Mon, Sep 08, 2003 at 10:24:45AM +0200, Jonas Diemer wrote:
> On Mon, 8 Sep 2003 07:58:24 +0300 (IDT)
> Shlomi Fish <address@hidden> wrote:
> > For merging and for tracking changes to previous versions of the file?
> > It's also less resource-hungry, time-consuming and space-consuming.
> I believe you are thinking to subversionish now... I would suggest you
> choose your categories a bit differently, comparing revision control
> tasks rather than technical stuff... In a software developers mind
> (using a scm) copying files at the repository level doesn't make any
> sense,

I believe that is wrong. It has been suggested that in order to split up
a project tree into multiple subprojects the project be "copied" by
creating multiple branches and pruning those to contain only the desired
part of the tree.

The same can make sense at a file level: think of splitting up a large
piece of documentation into multiple per-chapter files. Or re-factoring
a large source file into smaller modules.

It *can* make sense, so don't try to define the problem away.

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