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Re: [Gnu-arch-users] cscvs--experimental--1.1 nearing doneness; call for

From: Harald Meland
Subject: Re: [Gnu-arch-users] cscvs--experimental--1.1 nearing doneness; call for testers
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 18:56:31 +0200
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[Charles Duffy]

> So... if you'd care to give the thing a try, I'm anxiously awaiting
> your flames, patches and bug reports.

I've got some (minor) patches in

$ tla abrowse --desc address@hidden

        base-0    (tag revsision of 
          Wed Sep 24 17:50:23 CEST 2003      Harald Meland <address@hidden>
          tag of address@hidden/cscvs--experimental--1.1--patch-38

        patch-1    (simple changeset)
          Wed Sep 24 18:06:12 CEST 2003      Harald Meland <address@hidden>
          Slightly improved CVS Parser

        patch-2    (simple changeset)
          Wed Sep 24 18:09:13 CEST 2003      Harald Meland <address@hidden>
          Fixed buglet in totla "-d" code.

        patch-3    (simple changeset)
          Wed Sep 24 18:10:33 CEST 2003      Harald Meland <address@hidden>
          Slightly improved 'cache' progress messages.

Of these, I think tha patch-1 is the most interesting one; if your CVS
source has any commit messages that includes output of "cvs log", the
patch makes Parser be a little more careful before assuming that the
embedded output is actually an indicator of a new revision.

BTW, a few things I've noticed, but haven't had the time to look into

 * The output of "cscvs -H cache" states that the "-b" option will be
   "overwritting" any existing cache.  That is not the behaviour I'm
   seeing; I have to explicitly delete CVS/Catalog.sqlite before
   rebuilding the cache.

 * It seems SourceForge's CVS isn't the latest and greatest, which
   means it doesn't support the "-S" option to "cvs log", which again
   means that "cscvs cache -u" doesn't work on CVS repositories hosted
   by SF.

 * "cscvs totla -d" apparently requires tla to support a "--date"
   option.  I can't find any such option in the official tla.  Is
   there some non-official patch floating around for this?


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