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[Gnu-arch-users] sgid bit ignored on patch creation

From: Robert Anderson
Subject: [Gnu-arch-users] sgid bit ignored on patch creation
Date: Thu, 20 May 2004 15:07:29 -0500

I posted this problem awhile back and got no response.  I'll try

Here is a version directory in one of my archives:

drwxrws---   49 rwa      mygroup       4.0K 2004-05-20 11:58

(names changed to protect the guilty.)

Notice the "s" in the group permissions.  My understanding is
that this forces dir and file creation within this directory to
inherit the group of this directory, i.e., mygroup. (Is that

When I commit patches to this archive in the normal way, I get:

cd cat--branch--1.0
ls -l
drwxrwx---    2 rwa      mygroup       4.0K 2004-05-20 11:50
drwxrwx---    2 rwa      rwa          4.0K 2004-05-20 11:58 patch-45/
drwxrwx---    3 rwa      rwa          4.0K 2004-05-20 11:58 patch-46/

I just committed patch-45 and patch-46.  They have my usual
default group, and not the group of the parent directory.

If I now do:

mkdir newdir

It comes up as:

drwxrws---    2 rwa      mygroup       4096 2004-05-20 12:04 newdir/

i.e, with the expected group.

What is going on here and how do I fix it?


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