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Re: [Gnu-arch-users] Re: [MERGE REQUEST] changeset translation preparato

From: Jamie Wilkinson
Subject: Re: [Gnu-arch-users] Re: [MERGE REQUEST] changeset translation preparatory work
Date: Sun, 30 May 2004 23:08:06 +1000
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This one time, at band camp, address@hidden wrote:
>You miss one major point. It's been mentioned by Miles already. What
>about compatibility with other apps and wrappers around tla? Some
>functions will break if {arch} doesn't exist any more. What's even worse
>is that there will be 2 possibilities. {arch} vs .arch. Perhaps even
>more, I don't know how Colin want's to implement it. In the first case
>you have to check if any of these 2 dirs exist, in the second case you
>need a special tla command to get the path to the meta-data, or you
>store the arch-meta-data-directory-name in some file in ~/.arch-params.

That's totally orthogonal, in my mind.  I can only assume, though, that
Colin has thought of a way to give the name of the directory in some
programmatical way for these wrapper programs to use.

I'd say the neatest way to do it is with a query subcommand to tla that
would return the value of the key one is interested in, i.e.:

  tla query magic-directory-name

I'm still not seeing why yourself and Miles are so defensive of the name
'{arch}' appearing in my working copies.


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