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Re: A GNU “social contract”?

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: A GNU “social contract”?
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2019 00:27:51 +0530
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* Samuel Thibault <> [2019-10-29 00:12]:
> Jean Louis, le lun. 28 oct. 2019 21:54:00 +0530, a ecrit:
> > Virgin joke is a joke
> Now that I have read about it, I can definitely say that it is a
> completely inappropriate joke.

But I gave you the link, Russians are laughing, so look 26th August
2019 in Moscow, Russia, good reception, hear people applauding: hear people laughing, giggling.

> Sure, it'll get a lot of people laugh.  But it'll also get some
> people not at ease / ashamed, etc., which is just in line with that
> I wrote:

You cannot use "jokes" to accommodate everybody.


And for that reason RMS did not deserve to get defamed.

Now I am getting it, you are simply easily offended. I hope I am not
offending you, but if I do, my intention was to intellectualy
differentiate if there is some FACT to your statement, or if you just
gave your "signature" to Ludovic Courtès just "to be in" with them,
rather without proper analysis should you give such signature.

> Let me take a personal example, which I can thus speak for myself: I'm
> getting bald. Just like my grand father at the same age, actually a bit
> later than him, so there is nothing to be worried about. But jokes
> that people make about it make me not at ease with it for no good
> reason. That's just plainly wrong.

I can understand you. We are people, we are different. If you don't
like people making jokes on "bald" subject, don't listen.

But for one joke, person (RMS) is not bad. The statement is defaming
founder of GNU Project. It is illegal act in many countries. It
negatively reflect on GNU project, RMS, and free software in
general. Media is so glad to pick on quarrel we do in GNU community
when we are dividing each other. It is thoughtless joining into the
statement that does not help to promote free software philosophy.

Look, I am loosing hair too, and I find it normal. And I can laugh and
allow people to make jokes about me, I have no objections. I was also
born in the environment where even wearing "green sweater" was picked
with jokes. I felt bad, I wore it one time in life, one such nice
green sweater from Switzerland, I felt very good, and in the school,
somebody made a joke related to "green" and related to certain class
of religious people, to which I did not want to identify, and I felt
offended. And never wore that sweater again. Now I am grown, adult, I
would never disallow people to make jokes, I would counter with more
jokes. I would not get offended.

My father is bald, I am losing hair, wonder that I did not lose it so
much earlier. If people start making jokes about my baldness, I will
counter with some jokes, but will certainly not feel offended. I have
changed throughout the time. In fact I find jokes welcoming. It is
kind of social interaction, it is much better to speak in jokes, then
in some kinds of depressive expressions without humor.

Please don't feel offended by next one, I found it on Internet:

Why do SJWs hate Apple computers?
Because they're not PC


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