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Re: A GNU “social contract”?

From: Ruben Safir
Subject: Re: A GNU “social contract”?
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2019 19:35:15 -0400
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On 10/25/19 9:56 AM, Ludovic Courtès wrote:
> Looking at the form of Debian’s Social Contract, its conciseness and
> clarity, I was inspired to think about a few points that would summarize
> GNU’s mission and workings in a way that would hopefully be rather
> consensual among maintainers (I’d like to draw attention to the six
> headings, not necessarily on the detailed wording.)
> Thoughts?

If you like Debian, you should work for Debian... fini~~

I have one question, where you the guy who made the rude anti-semetic
comment in Bordeaux years ago when RMS and David Sugar and others were
having dinner?  The comment was essentially that Free Software was a
Jewish conspiracy.

Was that you?  I didn't know who was who at the table, but I recall
being shocked by the comments and it caused Philip Argian to pipe up and
say he was also Jewish.  It was a weird European moment.  It was the
first time I had encountered such European Anti-semetism before.  I've
seen it all to often since then.

Where is David Sugar?  He would remember.

If it was not you, I apoligize in advance.


So many immigrant groups have swept through our town
that Brooklyn, like Atlantis, reaches mythological
proportions in the mind of the world - RI Safir 1998
DRM is THEFT - We are the STAKEHOLDERS - RI Safir 2002 - Leadership Development in Free Software

Being so tracked is for FARM ANIMALS and extermination camps,
but incompatible with living as a free human being. -RI Safir 2013

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