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Re: Why the "social contract" should not be endorsed

From: Alexandre François Garreau
Subject: Re: Why the "social contract" should not be endorsed
Date: Sat, 22 Feb 2020 19:14:44 +0100

Le samedi 22 février 2020, 18:41:48 CET Ludovic Courtès a écrit :
> Hi Alex,
> Alex Taylor <> skribis:
> > Recently we have been "invited" to approve a thing which is being
> > called the "social contract".
> I don’t think you have been invited to anything since you’re not in the
> ‘maintainers’ file.
> I’m fine with you expressing your opinion, but please keep in mind that
> it’s a discussion to be had first and foremost among GNU stakeholders.
> It’s unfortunate that we’ve seen people not involved in GNU be much more
> vocal than GNU hackers on this list.  It’s not been helping.

As far as I heard from the beginning, you all were invited to have these 
discussions on private GNU lists, but refused and it’s you who wanted to 
do that on a public mailing-list…

> PS: It’s telling that yet another insulting message passed moderation!

Wait it was criticizing but where were the insults?

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