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Re: lese majeste

From: Kaz Kylheku (gnu-misc-discuss)
Subject: Re: lese majeste
Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2020 13:01:42 -0800
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On 2020-02-23 00:32, Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:
John Darrington writes:

Hello John,

On Sat, Feb 22, 2020 at 07:14:44PM +0100, Alexandre Fran?ois Garreau wrote:
Le samedi 22 f??vrier 2020, 18:41:48 CET Ludovic Court??s a ??crit :

> PS: It???s telling that yet another insulting message passed moderation!

Wait it was criticizing but where were the insults?

Now we see

Could you please use thet word "I" when speaking for yourself, as you do
here?  Using this sort of language is unnecessarily intimidating, and
certainly not kind.

Why should anyone be kind and meek in the face of fascists?

That's not what our forefathers did.

When making the cross-over from facts to interpretation of those facts,
what you or I see is the inside of our heads.  That can colour facts to
be good, or it can colour facts to be bad, depending on what we believe
and the mindset or attitude we have at the time.

That e-mail was approved for list redistribution by the moderator in
spite of using "we". You might be able to convince the moderator that
it had been a lapse in judgment,

Coloring the facts with interpretation is Jon Darrington's privilege,
in an e-mail that bears a "From: Jon Darrington" header.

Coloring facts is representative of what happens in western civilization's
courtrooms, parliament houses, political campaigns, newsrooms, as well
as textbooks and classrooms.

Coloring the facts with interpretation is necessary for persuasion.

If Bob wants to persuade Alice that some situation is detrimental, he
must present that color, not the raw facts that Alice already knows.

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