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[open-cobol-list] Open cobol problem and questions

From: Gary Cowell
Subject: [open-cobol-list] Open cobol problem and questions
Date: Wed Feb 16 06:01:10 2005


I've been following the progress of Open Cobol for
some time now and it is turning into a very useful
tool.  I am  involved with an appliction written in
cobol currently compling with MF. There are only a
couple or three issues remaining. 

Mostly open cobol compiles all my source except

A) all the programs have nested sub programs. Now, I
could put effort into changing my source to have the
nested subs as seperate programs and pass the globals
in to them through linkage if nested sub program
support is still some time off (there are around 4,000
programs to change). Looking at the C which is
generated for a main program, it seems almost as if
the nested sub only needs its local variables
generated in and the nested program itself built into
a function such as PROG2_ like the main program (i.e.
have a MAINPROG and a MAINPROG_ and a SUB1_ and a
SUB2_ etc). Because it seems to me that the main
program variables are all globals (in C terms) anyway,
the nested sub would be able to access these without
trouble. I've tried hacking this together in the
generated output but with not much success.

B) Some but not many of my programs blow up the open
cobol compiler with one single message - Memory Error
- during the cobc. A strace reveals this to be a
SIGSEGV during the compile, and a few others give an
error along the lines of

tree.c:892: invalid type cast from '"YSRVAG   "' at

Line 1875 is one line beyond the end of the source and
the thing in quotes is an 02 group level. I'm happy to
spend some time investigating these issues if someone
can provide a few good jumping off points or perhaps a
compiler internals overview (asking a lot, I know!).

Thanks for continuing work on a great tool.


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