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[open-cobol-list] Re: error when compiling OC from a directory with spac

From: Roger While
Subject: [open-cobol-list] Re: error when compiling OC from a directory with spaces in its name
Date: Thu Jan 12 12:18:02 2006

I wrote :
> Yes, this is a problem with autoconf/libtool.
> As my Cygwin installations are all under
> one-word user names, I did not hit this.
> Work around under Cygwin (I think) :
> cygpath $(cygpath -d "$*")
> You can put this command into your Cygwin
> startup/login script.
> There may be other problems; I will check this
> out in the next couple of days.

> Naa, that doesn't seem too work.
> Anyway, started a discussion on the libtool mailing list.
> Result is "too difficult - not planned".
> So, cannot see anything we can do from the OC side.
> Alternatives :
> a) Install Cygwin in it's own directory directly under a
> windows partion eg. C.\cygwin
> Under this there will be a "home" directory.
> Create the (no included spaces!) user under "home".
>(This is how I always have done Cygwin/user installs)
> b) Use the Cygwin mount facility to map the directories.
> Install using the mapped drives.

Actually, I think I have found a libtool fix -
First do a "make clean"
Then edit ""
At about line 1514, you should find the following lines :
        dir=`$echo "X$arg" | $Xsed -e 's/^-L//'`
        # We need an absolute path.
        case $dir in
        [\\/]* | [A-Za-z]:[\\/]*) ;;
          absdir=`cd "$dir" && pwd`

Problem appears to be this last line.
Replace with

Then the usual configure, etc.
This should get you through the make.
It however, needs further checking.
At least, if the make is successful, run a "make check".
Problems may arise after a make install, as the absolute path name
may be required somewhere in the installed libs/progs.
I need to check this.
(Posted also to the libtool list)



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