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[open-cobol-list] Re: error when compiling OC from a directory with spac

From: Roger While
Subject: [open-cobol-list] Re: error when compiling OC from a directory with spaces in its name
Date: Fri Jan 13 04:26:04 2006

Alain wrote:
> That's really funny : who absolutly _MUST_ have a space
> in his dir name for install software ?
Those people on Win who do not have Administrator
privileges and are more or less locked into the document
directory which, for German 2K/XP is
"C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen".
(Although with Cygwin there are ways around this)

I wrote :

> Actually, I think I have found a libtool fix -
> First do a "make clean"
> Then edit ""
> At about line 1514, you should find the following lines :
>      -L*)
>       dir=`$echo "X$arg" | $Xsed -e 's/^-L//'`
>        # We need an absolute path.
>       case $dir in
>        [\\/]* | [A-Za-z]:[\\/]*) ;;
>       *)
>          absdir=`cd "$dir" && pwd`

Nope, do NOT do this.
It isn't good enough.

Problem lies fairly and squarely in libtool.
(See libtool mailing list)
And it does not seem like there will be a solution
anytime soon.
So, to be sure, when using MingW/Cygwin, do
not use spaces anywhere in the install path or
user name/home directories.


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