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RE: [open-cobol-list] OC issues

From: Bill Klein
Subject: RE: [open-cobol-list] OC issues
Date: Tue Jan 17 08:04:02 2006

I don't understand the issue.  Is the problem that of "A-margin" vs
"B-margin" or what error are you getting?

(The '85 Standard *did* have rules about replacing text must go in the
margin where replaced text was - but I thought OC had an option - or default
- to ignoring A-/B-margin issues).

P.S.  It would NOT surprise me if this caused a problem on IBM mainframes.
Are you using one of those dialects? 

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> Subject: [open-cobol-list] OC issues
> Hi everybody,
> Currenltly I'm trying to make a small project (8M+ lines) to 
> work under OC (amd64) :-)))
> Small annoying issues (currently just one but I expect more 
> to follow) :
> The situation is that the very old dog has that construction:
> 01 XXX.
>    05 AAA PIC X.
>    02 BBB PIC Y.
> Not exactly initially but as a result of playing with a copybook like
> COPY C2 REPLACING ==01 == BY ==02 ==.
> when they want to combine something in a woraking area or 
> LINKAGE section :-(
> As a matter of fact all Cobols that I know (but Tandem) are 
> giving the WARINING and working fine with that.
> OC gives an ERROR and not producing the code.
> I don't have a time right now to look into that but maybe 
> will try later (it's not that critical, not too many occurances).
> Overall from 2800+ programs 350 didn't compile. Will look 
> into all remaining issues and inform.
> Regards,
> Sergey
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