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Re: [open-cobol-list] OC_GTK help

From: Paul McNary
Subject: Re: [open-cobol-list] OC_GTK help
Date: Wed, 08 Jul 2009 13:11:14 -0500
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Hello Michael

The GTK OpenCOBOL example I started with is at:

Both the COBOL piece and the C pieces are on that page.
It was done by: Brian Tiffin address@hidden

I have been playing with it and use Glade-3 Interface
Designer with the GTKBuilder functionality (I actually
starting playing with libglade first) and it appears to
be able to create a GUI for new work very quickly. The
callbacks can be in either C or COBOL. The callbacks
and all can be managed in Glade-3 as far as creating
the stubs. All you have to do is create the callback

I am not using OpenCOBOL but this source example has
gotten further than anything I have looked for, for years.
I have been using MicroFocus COBOL for decades but OpenCOBOL
looks very interesting.

I have looked at Qt and Flexus. I think Qt would be fine
if you are comfortable with C++. There is also a Vala example
in the OpenCOBOL docs that gives one several GUI interface options for
?Nix. I wanted only a ?nix solution, no windows, so using GTK on
windows hasn't been an issue for me. Qt has a nice GUI designer
and I think the interface to COBOL would be similar. With Qt
you have to make sure you understand the licensing between versions.
I think Qt4 has GPL and Commercial licensing available. Maybe LGPL.
Qt3 and before was only GPL and Commercial.

So GTK or Vala are both fast development environments for adding
a GUI to COBOL and add Glade-3 with libglade or preferably GTKBuilder
and you have a fairly RAD system.

Paul McNary

Michael wrote:

You mentioned Native windows API for GUI development, and I appreciate the input. Have you looked at Qt? I heard that it is platform-independent. I heard that Qt uses the native API for GUI development on whatever platform it is running on. For native windows I have used a commercial product called Cobol SP2, from Flexus, it is multi-platform, but when running on unix it still requires a Windows ThinClient. For the HP3000 migration stuff I highly recommend SP2 for screen conversions, and the Eloquence DBMS for database conversion. But sill, I have no real Linux (or GNU/GPL) solution for GUI screens.

Michael Anderson,

David Essex wrote:
Michael wrote:
I've been using Linux for years, but only using it (network config, web/html , email, ftp, and stuff like that), no real programming. I've been writing Fortran, COBOL, and some C for decades in the mini-mainframe world, started with Fortran/66 in 1983, then ansi74 COBOL in 1986, very little C. OpenCobol is my path to multi platform programming. I really want to _thank everyone _evolved in developing OpenCobol. There are other areas I need to conquer in a multi-platform environment, GUI, DBMS, and System calls or intrinsics. However, right now I can't seem to compile anything worthwhile! When (not if) I get running with this, I'll be serious advocate for OpenCobol!
GTK is a UN*X toolkit, and a front end to the WinAPI.
It is rarely used on WinXP (even with Cygwin or MinGW).

A native WinAPI C application is relatively easy to write.
And since OC generates C code, it is easy to integrate.

Brian, maybe you could add an native WinAPI example to your FAQ, for
Cygwin (MinGW) users.

You can find a trivial example included in the TC source code [1]

Hope this helps.

1) TinyCOBOL download

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