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[Gnumed-devel] code location framework (was Gui-Designers was the id_nam

From: J Busser
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] code location framework (was Gui-Designers was the id_name debate)
Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2004 13:10:49 -0700

At 11:45 AM +0200 9/11/04, Karsten Hilbert wrote:
The purpose of test_area/ is to serve as a staging area for
various ideas that may or may not be directly or conceptually
merged into the trunk code.

Questions about existing directories in the CVS. The existing readme mentions only a few in passing. Is there anywhere already written notes about the intended or preferred functions of the following directories and files already placed within? (I can afterward post a digest/synthesis to the wiki)

- what is this for?


- how do files get into here?

- how is it to be used? "stuff we tried but rejected", "older versions of stuff we still use" and "other stuff people might like to use" and if for more than one of these is it less confusing if these are separated?

- I note a folder "scan", why do I not also find this in server or client?


- main trunk code to be located & run on the client?


- presumably reference or tracking files maintained by the cvs software and not directly interacted with by the developers?

- as with "CVS"?


- presently this contains a single file,

- is this directory intended purely for where the gnumed application is intended to directly access, or control, a device?

- for the purpose of operating a scanner (or digital camera or videocam) to capture directly into a patient record, would gnumed need a custom .py driver written for every device? If true is it more practical to let some other software capture and save the image file to a directory and maybe gnumed can smartly offer in order of most recent) the files that have been added to the reference directory (and maybe also renaming the file if that is desirable)

- if not the file, then other (future) drivers stored here (or prospective users) might benefit from accompanying usage notes, tips etc. Perhaps as this directory grows, each device (preferably with an accompanying readme) might be better be placed in its own subdirectory and as several devices accumulate, group them by category of device. This could let people see what other people (apparently) are already using successfully (unless the readme warns of problems).


- the readme says: "Subdirectories in here hold files relevant to packaging GnuMed or parts thereof for various purposes.

- should we redefine the purpose of these directory contents to the hosting of EXECUTABLE CODE specific to a distro? I am thinking that for files whose function is to simply offer information (such as for Debian, the readme pointing to Andreas' packages) we now do support this on the wiki

- the "XdtViewer" was placed here by Karsten (info at

Am I gathering correctly it is not distro-specific but is a more generic "package"?

If it is meant for the clients to use, should it move to clients and if germany-specific moved inside clients, say to a "/de" directory?

Is Ian's epydoc output listing a gui plugin gmXdtViewer pertinent to progress with xdt?

- the "Windows" directory... is there some function/use to what is in here?

- there is nothing in here but given that we have test-area for code and the wiki for documents/text information do we no longer need drafts so should we deprecate it?


- while the readme file says "this is deprecated, please go read gnumed/client/doc/* (and I know cvs does not permit to remove directories) should we not delete the individual files, that way there is less chance of someone working on their local file copies to access the wrong one (and is this a general strategy we should try to follow when deprecating?)


- main trunk code to be located +- run on the server?


- per Karsten "serves as a staging area for various ideas that may or may not be directly or conceptually merged into the trunk code"

- applies to ideas and code intended for both client and server


- empty; what purpose is it meant to serve?

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