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Re: [Gnumed-devel] Naming convention (Was: Choice of programming languag

From: Karsten Hilbert
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] Naming convention (Was: Choice of programming language and project management)
Date: Tue, 08 Sep 2009 01:09:18 +0200

>       ~/.gnumed
> (despite that in my debian user home folder .gnumed, there sits a  
> server-installation folder, which I wonder how it got there)

It got there by way of running a net_install/
as that user.

> >>    ... also inside egk+kvk-demon.conf.example
> >>            can
> >>            # Copy this file to /etc/gnumed/ekg+kvk-demon.conf ...
> >>            be changed to
> >>            # Copy this file to /etc/gnumed-client
> >
> > Why ?
> Either you are being provocative ( :-) ) or I misunderstand something,  
> because I thought we just established a commitment to augment the  
> consistency wrt to gnumed-client vs gnumed-server
> - some time ago we made a change so that the machine copy of the gm  
> config got named
>       gnumed-client.conf (not just gnumed.conf)
> - you just committed
> >      gnumed-client.x.y.z.tgz now contains gnumed-client.x.y.z/
> >      gnumed-server.x.y.tgz now contains gnumed-server.x.y/
> - therefore why not adhere so that  whatever ends up in
>       /etc/
> as a consequence of client installation should really end up in
>       /etc/gnumed-client

Aaaah, OK, you meant "copy to /etc/gnumed-client/" rather than
"rename to /etc/gnumed-client" ...

> and what ends up in /etc/ as a consequence of server installation  
> should end up in
>       /etc/gnumed-server
> because after all, they are separate packages, one is supposed to be  
> able to install (uninstall) either or both.

I believe it is equally valid either way (putting both under /etc/gnumed/
as well as separating into /etc/gnumed-client/ and /etc/gnumed-server/.

Now, what *is* "gnumed-backup.conf" ? Put it under gnumed-server/ or
gnumed-client/ ?

Is it a server config file because the backup procedure runs on
the server ? (wrong, it can run on any machine)

Is it a client config file because the backup is nothing but another
"database client" - just like the GUI is a client ?

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