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Re: [Gnumed-devel] FreeDiams 0.4 -> GNUmed

From: Eric MAEKER
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] FreeDiams 0.4 -> GNUmed
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2010 09:22:44 +0200

How about "suspected" allergies ? Should I pass those on to
FreeDiams as well ?

This question is still open. Also, it doesn't depend on
FreeDiams explicitely supporting that.

I agree it would be useful, for example it may be when coming up with a possible drug that the doctor asks the patient ... "our record says while you may not be actually allergic, you had a problem with this or similar medicine, are you agreeable to try it (again)?"

Sounds reasonable.

I am only thinking it would be nice for what is "passed", if unsupported, to not "break" the passing.

Oh, as long as not explicitely supported it could either:

- pass them as if they were certain

- pass them as a pseudo-allergy "suspected: this, that,
 those" which will not at all be computable by FreeDiams
 but would still serve as a reminder to the clinician

The problem is the more data to be managed, the more CPU to be used. And for now, with only 4 allergies and 2 intolerances, the GUI is dramactically slowing down. I've done one or two adjustement to improve this but the problem is still complete.
I'm working on it...
When ready, why not differentiate "certain intolerances" or "suspected intolerances", the code is the same (for the drug selector).

@Eric, BTW: FreeDiams might actually use the "EMR" value (if
available) - it could adjust the window title to say
something along the lines "connected to ...".

Yes absolutely I can do this.



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