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Re: [Gnumed-devel] FreeDiams 0.4 -> GNUmed

From: Jim Busser
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] FreeDiams 0.4 -> GNUmed
Date: Mon, 02 Aug 2010 07:31:14 -0700

On 2010-08-02, at 2:53 AM, Eric MAEKER wrote:

>>> I'm working on it...
>>> When ready, why not differentiate "certain intolerances" or "suspected
>>> intolerances", the code is the same (for the drug selector).
>> I am curious if you could tell me what the job is the CPU is busy with. Is it
>> doing calculations (number crunching) or is it because it has to access many
>> tables in the database or what is it ?
> One drug at time (for all drugs that are shown in the selector):
> 0) if result in cache return cache (end)
> 1) get all molecules
> 2) get all ATC codes that suite the molecules
> 3) test allergies
>  3.1) for 7 char ATC
>  3.2) for < 7 char ATC
>  3.3) cache result
> 4) test intolerances --> cache result
>  4.1) for 7 char ATC
>  4.2) for < 7 char ATC
>  4.3) cache result

What about

This does not yet differentiate "certain"/"suspected" intolerances. May be I'll 
change the attributes to :

 <InnPrecaution="inn1;inn2;inn3" suspected="inn1;inn2;inn3"/>
 <ATCPrecaution="ATC1;ATC2;ATC3" suspected="ATC1;ATC2;ATC3"/>
 <DrugsUidPrecaution="7655668;876769;656789" suspected=""/>

Where each value, prepended before the comma or terminal quotation...




where code = "nature/certainty" code... using * (or pipe | as internal 
where code = {1=allergy certain, 2 = allergy suspected, 3 = intolerance} or

To illustrate, if -- among a set of 3 drugs being passed -- the patient was 
intolerant of the first, certain allergic to the second, suspected allergic to 
the third, this could be passed as


which would cut the number of searches to a third of what they might be. As far 
as how these would be shown to the user, how might we keep this safe and 
functional when users might have visual colour limitations?

1) display within the "opened" ("+") patient information area, the INN string 
including the "codes"?
2) I thought about instead of "A, a, i" using 1,2,3 kind of a numeric 
ranking... would that be internationally (language) easier?
3) FD is needing to be aware (on top of the interaction icon) to give up to 5 
more visual indications per drug listed in the selector, which could be in 
colour unless 5 colours start to get distracting...
        - allergic (certain)
        - allergic (suspected)
        - intolerant
        - precaution in renal failure (not yet supported)
        - personal posologies exist for this drug

so... while this can maybe be left up to the user, the ability to select 
intensities of colour from a colour picker might be easier to "brain parse" ... 
for A,a,i maybe deep red, medium red, light red or pink and for the precaution 
in renal failure, orange and, for the personal posologies, light green (which 
the colour-challenged red-green individual could change to something else) ?

-- Jim

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