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Re: [Gnumed-devel] FreeDiams 0.4 -> GNUmed

From: Eric MAEKER
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] FreeDiams 0.4 -> GNUmed
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2010 09:46:09 +0200

In GNUmed we allow the Clinician to differentiate between
"true" allergies and sensitivities towards agents.

I wonder whether to include sensitivities in the list of
allergies to be passed to FreeDiams ?

How about "suspected" allergies ? Should I pass those on to
FreeDiams as well ?

This question is still open. Also, it doesn't depend on
FreeDiams explicitely supporting that.

Actually FreeDiams can parse drugs intolerance from the ExchangeIn file. XML code should look like this:

<FreeDiams_In version="0.5.0">
<ConfigFile value="/absolute/file/specification/to/the/required/ configFile.ini"/> <ExchangeOut value="/absolute/file/specification/to/the/required/ exchange_File.txt" format="xml html html_xml"/>
<EMR name="NameWillBeShownInTheMainWindowTitle" uid="SessionUIDWillBeReturnedInOutputFile"/>

<Identity name="Name Of Patient" secondname="" surname="James" uid="EMR Patient's UID" dob="yyyy/MM/dd" gender="M or F or H"/>
  <Creatinine value="12" unit="mg/l or mmol/l"/>
  <Weight value="70" unit="kg or lbs" />
  <Height value="170" unit="cm or "/>

  <InnAllergies value="inn1;inn2;inn3"/>
  <ATCAllergies value="ATC1;ATC2;ATC3"/>
  <DrugsUidAllergies value="7655668;876769;656789"/>

  <InnIntolerances value="inn1;inn2;inn3"/>
  <ATCIntolerances value="ATC1;ATC2;ATC3"/>
  <DrugsUidIntolerances value="7655668;876769;656789"/>

  <ICD10 value="J11.0;A22;Z23"/>

<Ui editmode="select-only or prescriber" blockPatientDatas="0/1"/>

This does not yet differentiate "certain"/"suspected" intolerances. May be I'll change the attributes to :

<InnIntolerances certain="inn1;inn2;inn3" suspected="inn1;inn2;inn3"/> <ATCIntolerances certain="ATC1;ATC2;ATC3" suspected="ATC1;ATC2;ATC3"/>
  <DrugsUidIntolerances certain="7655668;876769;656789" suspected=""/>

Idem for allergies...


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