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CI and CD

From: Nikita Gillmann
Subject: CI and CD
Date: Thu, 7 May 2020 11:47:09 +0200


many times over we had public and internal discussions.
I don't have the time to show up to the mumble discussions.
Documentation deployed where people expect it is building in a way that
it broke many times in the last weeks.
Can we start discussung infrastructure changes for real and public, not
offlist. I'm done with this, I want no more state to lie around to get
in the way, I expect documentation to be immutable once deployed. The
cron + git reset was a workaround I used to workaround the other issues.
This is tiring and far from best practices to develop or even provide
people with software and documents (same for gnunet and taler websites).
This can take a year or 2, but let's come up with a plan (I'm otherwise
occupied right now for the next monts but I know we have at least one very 
competent person with CI
and CD, however I don't want to put presure on him, we need more than
one person for this).

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