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Re: gnustep-make on OSX

From: Nicola Pero
Subject: Re: gnustep-make on OSX
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2002 14:30:49 +0000 (GMT)

> > I only needed to fix a few flags.  I think it was supposed to, but in
> > practice it wasn't setting the -framework flags properly when building
> > with nx-nx-nx library-combo.  I've also dropped old NeXTstep stuff.
> Hm, personally I would have kept the "old" NeXTstep stuff and created a 
> new combo "apple-apple-apple" (or a-a-a ?) which does the Apple thing 
> (I think I suggested that before).

Yes ... I'd probably like to change the library combo for OSX from
nx-nx-nx to apple-apple-apple.

In theory I should have kept support for the three building options, gnu,
nx, apple, as you say ... but it started to get complex, so I dropped the
oldest and (frankly) obsolete one.

It's just to simplify maintaintenance that I did it.  I can rewrite and
recast code more freely this way.  I had no way to check the old code, and
looking at it, I also think it was already broken.

> > What I want to do is have any reasonably standard GNUmakefile of a GNUstep
> > project compile natively on OSX to build native OSX application /
> > frameworks / bundles from the same source code.
> BTW: A major problem is that Finder doesn't support reading, 
> which implies that you either need to start all GNUstep related 
> programs (including PBX) from the shell or patch 
> .MacOSX/environment.plist to include/define all required environment 
> variables statically.


> > There is a particular trick which I have in mind to get there ... 
> > which is
> > that library.make will actually build frameworks on OSX ... but I need 
> > to
> > experiment with this.  :-)
> Hm, good idea ! This would solve me a lot of problems and does more or 
> less exactly what I need.

Ok - I'll go on with it.

> Nicola, could you add support for umbrella-frameworks on OSX, including 
> "contained frameworks" (copying the libraries into a bigger single 
> framework package) ? The reason is, I have something like 30 libraries 
> which I build as frameworks on OSX, but for easier distribution collect 
> them in 3 or 4 umbrella's.

Thanks for the suggestion.  Not immediately, but maybe later.

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