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Re: [gpsd-dev] What is our current bug state?

From: Frank Nicholas
Subject: Re: [gpsd-dev] What is our current bug state?
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2015 14:37:16 -0500

On Feb 2, 2015, at 2:26 PM, Greg Troxel <address@hidden> wrote:

Frank Nicholas <address@hidden> writes:

Mac OS X, 10.10 (Yosemite), MacBook Pro, Intel Core i7-4850HQ (quad core, w/hyper-threading)

I did a ‘git pull’.  I’m not sure how to see what revision it was, but
the latest commit was “ef39b1cd848a006751b1d30c931056a5790e3116”.

"git describe" gives a canonical form.  See devtools/do-build for a
script that logs the results with files named by git describe.

‘git describe’ doesn’t work for me:
address@hidden gpsd $ git describe
fatal: No names found, cannot describe anything.

In the failed tests, it appears the the input file being tested was
spit out in the terminal window.  Is that intentional if a test fails,
or is it a byproduct of a failed test?

It's probably a diff showing missing lines, rather than the input file
itself, with leading "-“.

Yep - I didn’t notice that.  It does look like the output of a diff

Any additional information you would like?  Any other testing you want
performed?  The Apple developer tools allow me to turn off cores on
the fly, if we think this might be related to SMP.

An interesting thought, but nothing has pointed that way yet.

You can see if smaller delays work.  What I do is run CLOSE_DELAY up
high enough, and then find the smallest WRITE_PAD that works, and then
shrink CLOSE_DELAY.   Basically, CLOSE_DELAY is about gpsd not reading
fast enough at the end, and WRITE_PAD is about overrunning  the buffer
in the middle, except that it's not that cleanly separated.

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