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Re: [gpsd-dev] Where to put tests for: $GPVTG

From: teyrana
Subject: Re: [gpsd-dev] Where to put tests for: $GPVTG
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2018 23:45:14 -0400

(in order vvvvv )

Use the built in regression scheme.  Add a GPS capture file in
tests/daemon that has the VTG commands.

>   a) modify every device-specific test case which contains VTG
> messages? b) emplace a specific test somewhere else, that's not
> obvious to me...

Nope just add a new test file.

Okay, *before* I add a new test-file, a whole bunch of existing tests fail.  (because they contain previously-ignored VTG messages).
So this leaves us with a few options:
a) perhaps the patch's existing behavior is flawed, and it's output *should* match those existing .chk files
b) the existing behavior for VTG is incomplete, and we merely need to update the *.log.chk files.
c) update both existing and new .chk files? 

I've run the `scons check` target, with the draft patch, and while it completes (at least) there are numerous failures.

From your comments, it sounds like either (b) or (c). *ALSO* we probably need to adjust the behavior of what VTG messages affect, but I think we'll have to adjust existing .log.chk files. (Unless I misunderstand)

> 2. I notice you guys also don't have a test *.log.chk for our brand
> (Hemisphere). Would it be worth while to add it?

Yup, more tests the better. Put the new raw data in tests/daemon, then
use regres-driver -b to create the new check file.

Awesome! I'll include it, then.

Look in gpscap.ini, add your GPS to it.

OH.  I totally missed that.  Thanks :)

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