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Re: [Groff] CVS Build Problem

From: Larry Kollar
Subject: Re: [Groff] CVS Build Problem
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2005 21:27:06 -0400

Jim Reid wrote:

I very much doubt if anyone changed groff's build/install procedure with any
intent to make it in any way Linux specific;

Fact: somebody *did* change the build/install stuff. It used to work on BSD/OS. It had done so since at least 1996. Now it doesn't. To some extent, this specific discussion is now moot because BSD/OS is dead. That said, the wider point about trying to keep groff from falling into a Linux-only ghetto remains valid.

I compile groff regularly on MacOS X, which (underneath Aqua at least) is supposedly mostly a FreeBSD userland with a few GNU pieces here & there. I've even made a few minor fixes and enhancements, and Werner hasn't indicated any problems with my patches (except that I forget to use diff -u on occasion :-P). Zvezdan Petkovic says he has built it on OpenBSD.

I have to agree with Keith; in my experience groff is easier to compile than many other Free packages of similar size. From what Werner & Larry Jones were saying, it sounds like it might be a compiler bug in BSD/OS.
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