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Re: [Groff] Groff, Grohtml and Encodings

From: Anton Shepelev
Subject: Re: [Groff] Groff, Grohtml and Encodings
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2010 23:57:26 +0400


> For me it works [...]

Sorry,  I  checked  it again and it had the expected
effect. Must have been doing something wrong.

> ??? I have this line in font/devlatin1/R:
>  `A 24 0 0300

I already got it and wrote about it,  but  the  post
probably made it to the list too late.

> These  warning  messages  are harmless.  Reason is
> that grohtml processes the input twice:  One  time
> with  -Thtml  for text and a second time with -Tps
> for everything which grohtml  can't  handle.  This
> second run causes the warning messages.

Thanks  for  the  explanation. I have read about the
double-pass method on the grohtml page but failed to
attribute the warnigs to the -Tps pass.

> Admittedly, this is badly documented if at all.  I
> would be glad if  you  could  provide  patches  to
> improve that.

The  two-pass  method is described in the info file,
but not in the man page, so I will add it to the man
page and modify both man and info by:

  a.  adding a note about such warnings,

  b.  stating  that  grohtml has built-in glyphs for
      all  non-composite  unicode  characters  named

> >   3.  I   saw   the   line   "unicode"   in  the
> >       ...\font\devhtml\desc   file,   but    the
> >       description  of  the  DESC format does not
> >       mention the possibility of  such  a  line.
> >       What does it do?
> It  is  documented  both  in groff_font(5) and the
> groff info manual:

Ah, I was looking in the on-line manual:

thinking it was up-to-date. Now I  will  prefer  the
off-line  documentation  shipped  with the distribu-

Thanks you very much for the reply,

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