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Re: Learning troff - where to start?

From: Steffen Nurpmeso
Subject: Re: Learning troff - where to start?
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2020 20:11:48 +0200
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Morten Bo Johansen wrote in
 |On 2020-10-14 Peter Schaffter wrote:
 |> What difficulties do you have entering UTF8 directly into the
 |> source?  I've produced groff documents in most of the Western
 |> European and Scandinavian languages
 |I thought we Scandinavians were also considered part of Western
 |Europe, including our languages?

Finnish is definetely not as far as i know, and some people count
Finland to Scandinavia.

|Der Kragenbaer,                The moon bear,
|der holt sich munter           he cheerfully and one by one
|einen nach dem anderen runter  wa.ks himself off
|(By Robert Gernhardt)

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