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Re: Would it be reasonable to list the fonts that are available by defau

From: G. Branden Robinson
Subject: Re: Would it be reasonable to list the fonts that are available by default in groff?
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2021 07:59:52 +1000
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At 2021-07-15T22:58:41+0200, Wim Stockman wrote:
> Actually I don't think that is necessary.  We could basically write a
> macro that installs on the fly a system available font for groff.
> Using the possibility to run an external script from within groff I m
> sure it is possible to install the font on the fly.  Running Peter
> font-install script. Using the site-font directory so you don't need
> root access.
> Don't you think ?

I think you're raising an orthogonal concern.

Accessing the file system like this would require the use of unsafe
requests, which people would understandably shy away from.

What I think we need is to absorb Peter's font installer into groff,
give it a man page, make sure it works for a preponderance of expected
scenarios, and so forth.  I'd do it, but I haven't had the spoons.

But none of this really has to do with making the _existing_ output
drivers accurately document what they support as shipped, or whether
we're adequately informing the users of the place of font description
files in the groff system as a whole.

I should probably mention that back at the end of May I already updated
the introduction to the groff_font(5) page and its corresponding Texinfo
manual node[1].  Do you think that this[2] is an improvement on groff
1.22.4's page?



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