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Re: GRUB2: *BSD and more patch

From: Marco Gerards
Subject: Re: GRUB2: *BSD and more patch
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 22:42:04 +0100
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Sergey Matveychuk <address@hidden> writes:

> I told with Marco and Jeroen on IRC and we descide it not so
> important. But I open for your offers.

It seems it is used as a fix by many people (I found this using
google).  But at the moment pupa_memalign is not used anywhere in
PUPA.  And AFAIK it does not even matter for the currently code if it
is supported.

If you want to fix it this way, it would be better to check for the
existence of memalign using autoconf IMHO.

>> BTW, have you signed a copyright assignment for GRUB? I'm sorry, but
>> I don't remember well. If not, I'd like you to do that.
> A new patch with a few fixes for inherited from fsys_ffs.c bugs is
> testing now. I publish it within a few days.

Do you mean for GRUB 2?  Please keep us up-to-date what you are doing
to prevent people from doing double work.

> diff -ruN grub2/ChangeLog grub2.devel/ChangeLog

Can you please make a patch using the -p argument as well?  In that
case it is visible which function was changed.

> --- grub2/ChangeLog   Fri Mar 19 23:55:21 2004
> +++ grub2.devel/ChangeLog     Fri Mar 19 23:27:37 2004
> @@ -1,3 +1,15 @@
> +2004-03-15  Sergey Matveychuk  <address@hidden>
> +
> +     * util/i386/pc/biosdisk.c: Add *BSD stuff.

Can you please be more clear here?  It would be better to notice
everything you changed and added.


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