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Re: GRUB2: *BSD and more patch

From: Sergey Matveychuk
Subject: Re: GRUB2: *BSD and more patch
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2004 00:56:30 +0300
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Marco Gerards wrote:

If you want to fix it this way, it would be better to check for the
existence of memalign using autoconf IMHO.

Hmm. OK :)

BTW, have you signed a copyright assignment for GRUB? I'm sorry, but
I don't remember well. If not, I'd like you to do that.

A new patch with a few fixes for inherited from fsys_ffs.c bugs is
testing now. I publish it within a few days.

Do you mean for GRUB 2?  Please keep us up-to-date what you are doing
to prevent people from doing double work.

No. Okuji means GRUB1 UFS2 patch I think. Okiji, am I right? :)

diff -ruN grub2/ChangeLog grub2.devel/ChangeLog

Can you please make a patch using the -p argument as well?  In that
case it is visible which function was changed.


+       * util/i386/pc/biosdisk.c: Add *BSD stuff.

Can you please be more clear here?  It would be better to notice
everything you changed and added.

I'll do it.

Johan Rydberg wrote:

> : + if (strncmp ("/dev/sd", path, 7) == 0 || strncmp ("/dev/hd", path, 7) == 0 || > : + strncmp ("/dev/ad", path, 7) == 0 || strncmp ("/dev/wd", path, 7) == 0)
> Doesn't the GCS say that lines should be broken before operators? Not
> a biggie, but anway.

Are you agree with it?


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