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Re: GRUB2: *BSD and more patch

From: Marco Gerards
Subject: Re: GRUB2: *BSD and more patch
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2004 02:45:49 +0100
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Sergey Matveychuk <address@hidden> writes:

> Marco Gerards wrote:
>> Does pupa-emu work for you after this patch is applied?
> Oops. A little typo in the last patch (#ifdev instead of #ifdef).
> It's all right now.

Was that a reply to my question if pupa-emu works or not? :)

> Really I still need a little hack for Makefiles to build grub2 on
> FreeBSD out of box (for -I and -L switches). I guess it should be done
> with autotools but I don't know how yet. And I'd like to make notice
> in README file for dd command differs for FreeBSD (may be for all
> BSD?).
> So I plan to send once more patch.

Yes, I thought about that too. :)

Let's do that later.


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