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Re: Status of GRUB / GRUB2?

From: Tomas Ebenlendr
Subject: Re: Status of GRUB / GRUB2?
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 21:44:54 +0200
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> > That being said, you still have GRUB dangling at 0.9x, "not
> > been released publically", and yet being discontinued for
> > some "GRUB 2" that might be years off for all we (casual
> > visitors of your website) would know.
> Why is that a problem?  GRUB Legacy bugs will be fixed, etc.  There
> won't be any problem.  Just because something better will be written
> is no reason not to use GRUB Legacy at the moment.
> --
> Marco

Webpage should be probably modified. I don't know how, but I think that all 
readres got the (wrong) feeling (here quoted by double `>') insted of the right 
feeling (here quoted by single `>').

                                 Tomas 'ebi' Ebenlendr
                                 PF 2004.55711185742

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