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Re: Partition modules

From: Hollis Blanchard
Subject: Re: Partition modules
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 21:50:30 -0600

On Nov 17, 2004, at 1:25 PM, Marco Gerards wrote:

Here is a patch to modulize partition support.  At the moment it will
create pc.mod, amiga.mod and apple.mod.  Loading one of these modules
will give support for that specific partition map.

Thanks Marco!

+/* Partition description.  */
+struct grub_partition
+  /* The start sector.  */
+  unsigned long start;
+  /* The length in sector units.  */
+  unsigned long len;
+  /* The offset of the partition table.  */
+  unsigned long offset;
+  /* The index of this partition in the partition table.  */
+  int index;
+  /* The DOS partition number.  */
+  int dos_part;
+  /* The BSD partition number (a == 0).  */
+  int bsd_part;
+  /* The DOS partition type.  */
+  int dos_type;
+  /* The BSD partition type.  */
+  int bsd_type;
+  /* The offset of the extended partition.  */
+  unsigned long ext_offset;
+  /* The type partition map.  */
+  grub_partition_map_t partmap;

I do have an objection here: members like "bsd_type" don't belong in a generic struct, but rather in grub_partition_bsd_type. I believe grub_partition should be the abstraction, i.e. what defines a partition in the general sense. start, len, and index are obviously good; offset is compensating for a DOS issue, though at least it has (irrelevant) meaning for an Apple map... but ext_offset and these dos_ and bsd_ things don't belong here IMHO.

Also, there were a number of whitespace-only lines in your patch; a simple regex should show you where.

I'm seeing a crash on both briQ and my G3, so I'm sprinkling printfs now...


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