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Re: partition layouts

From: Vernon Mauery
Subject: Re: partition layouts
Date: Tue, 05 Apr 2005 06:40:15 -0700
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Marco Gerards wrote:
> Vernon Mauery <address@hidden> writes:

>>If all it gains us is that we know where we booted from, we still
>>need to know where /boot is.  I don't see what this gains us -- the
>>root command or prefix variable is still required.  It sounds to me
>>that if you want to have a firmware native partition type, having
>>all of /boot be that type would be preferred.
> The discussion is about automatically setting prefix.

But if prefix is what root used to be (the location of the kernels, initrds, 
etc.) then I don't see how having a grub partition helps in setting this.  It 
will help locate the grub binaries, but not the kernels (as I see it).


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