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Re: partition layouts - "root"

From: Hollis Blanchard
Subject: Re: partition layouts - "root"
Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2005 09:52:49 -0500

On Apr 6, 2005, at 1:32 AM, Marco Gerards wrote:

Hollis Blanchard <address@hidden> writes:
Perhaps using "grubroot", "grubprefix", "grubbase", or similar will be

For me it is, of course, open or discussion.  However, I just like
`root'.  I do not like the grub prefix.  When removing the prefix
grubroot and grubprefix are not possible.  Perhaps base, but you would
have to convince Okuji.

Okuji? Hmm, what about "device"?
        title foo
                set device=bar
                multiboot /kernel root=baz

I would like to avoid this:
        title foo
                set root=bar
                multiboot /kernel root=baz
... because here we are specifying two unrelated "root" variables.


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