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Re: sparc64 port : diffs to powerpc branches

From: Marco Gerards
Subject: Re: sparc64 port : diffs to powerpc branches
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 23:27:05 +0200
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Vincent Pelletier <address@hidden> writes:

>> You did not load ext2 as a module, but linked it into the binary.
>> I assume you did not use grub-mkimage yet...
> Oh, I thought you meant it was used to add them statically in grubof.

No, this is how things work:

At the moment you have grubof with ext2 compiled in.

In the future we should have a very small grubof (with a better name
;)).  It can load modules at run time.  It is possible to add modules
to grubof using grub-mkimage.  In that case a new grubof binary is
made.  That new binary is the same as the old one, with the modules
embedded.  When it is loaded the modules (still ELF files) are loaded
to a known location.

The first thing GRUB does is checking that known location to see if
there are modules loaded there.  It parses and loads the modules
(using the ELF loader+relocator).  So it works the same as loading a
module from disk, now it is just loaded from memory.  I hope this
makes things a bit more clear, otherwise just ask me on IRC or so.

>> Ok, cool.  I am looking forwards to that patch.
> I think patches should be applied in this order :
> - Apply file moving patch for ieee1275 common files.
> - Apply the general patchs I sent (so we have a clean status to add the
> sparc64 port, like grub_get_rtc prototype change, the already-applied
> mm.c patch to correct behaviour on 64 bits archs, ...)
> - Finally apply the sparc64 specific adds (should be only file additions
> at this step, excepts for changes in configure[.ac] and ChangeLog :) ).

Right, although I still do not agree on the grub_get_rtc prototype. :)


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