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RE : RE : Roboot's BOF

From: Eric Salomé
Subject: RE : RE : Roboot's BOF
Date: Tue, 30 May 2006 22:24:08 +0200

> It would be easy to add a command to GRUB 2 that makes it possible to
> parse other languages.  What you need is a new parser.  You could
> create some new AST nodes or so and add all this to GRUB 2 from within
> your module.  All this should integrate quite well.  This way, you
> would be able to create new commands, functions, etc in another
> language.

I give this "integrate work" a try and so far so good. Had found nothing
that would have been *mandatory* to change in grub 2's kernel. If I find
on the way some good ideas to share I'll express them on this
mailing-list for comments. 

> Personally I prefer to see an add-in module, even one maintained
> outside of GRUB, than a complete fork.  But you would have to keep in
> mind that we can make interface changes when we see the need for this.

That's what roboot aim to be, an add-in module.
I understand we will have to face some interface changes from time to
time but I am ready for that too ... and that will make things even

> > I don't know what Marco, Yoshinori and others would like to do for
> > 3 to X, so I just ask.
> First I would like to see GRUB 2 being finished.  It is not there
> yet. :-)
> --
> Marco

Well, we are all working on that part too ! and I am full of hope we are
going to make it.
I am quite confused with drivers dealing with BIOS, but I don't want to
feel helpless, so I'll try to do something useful with grub-emu and let
you know if I can work on grub's kernel (is there anything missing you'd
like to add ?). 
By the way, is there anybody working on having the vbe interface working
on grub-emu ? Any hint to help me start work on it ?

Best regards,
Eric Salomé - Paris - France

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