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From: Robert Millan
Subject: update-grub2
Date: Sun, 15 Oct 2006 12:18:42 +0200
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Hi there,

This is my proposal for a new dessign in update-grub.  As you might know,
update-grub is a script used in Debian to generate GRUB config file.  Over time,
we've found that the monolithic dessign of that script made it difficult to
maintain and extend, and it ultimately has become bloated.  I'm redessigning it
to be simple, modular and easily extensible.

With this work, we solve another problem: the copyright for original update-grub
was held by several people and it was too difficult to attain the paperwork FSF
projects require for submitting the script to you.

The script I'm attaching is mostly meant as proof of concept to show the
proposed framework for generating the config file and allowing third-party apps
(memtest86, etc) to hook their stuff in.

Please send me your feedback and tell wether you like it.  I think it'd be very
good if a unified solution for this were provided from GRUB upstream, instead of
each distributor cooking up their own.

Robert Millan

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