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Re: GPT on PC/BIOS computers

From: Javier Rodríguez Sánchez
Subject: Re: GPT on PC/BIOS computers
Date: Fri, 4 May 2007 22:32:00 +0200

Hello, I have tried the patch and it works well, but I have one question. It's necessary  to be a MBR partition scheme? because I  need a MBR emulation from the GPT scheme to Grub2 loader works. If I only let the GPT scheme with the EFI protective partition on MBR, grub doesn't find any bootable device.


2007/5/3, Javier Rodríguez Sánchez <address@hidden>:
Great!, now It compile, when I return to home, I will try it on my MacBookPro. When I have the results I will post them here.


2007/5/3, Robert Millan < address@hidden>:
On Thu, May 03, 2007 at 03:33:58PM +0200, Javier Rodríguez Sánchez wrote:
> Hello Robert,
> I have applied the patch to the latest CVS rev. but when I compile grub2 I
> get this error:
> grub_setup-util_i386_pc_grub_setup.o: In function `main':
> /usr/src/grub2/util/i386/pc/grub- setup.c:666: undefined reference to
> `grub_gpt_partition_map_init'
> /usr/src/grub2/util/i386/pc/grub-setup.c:768: undefined reference to
> `grub_gpt_partition_map_fini'
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
> make: *** [grub-setup] Error 1

Did you regenerate conf/ ?

  ruby genmk.rb < conf/i386- pc.rmk > conf/

Robert Millan

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