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grub2 miscelanea questions (2/2)

From: adrian15
Subject: grub2 miscelanea questions (2/2)
Date: Sat, 09 Jun 2007 09:35:10 +0200
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Comes from grub2 miscelanea questions (1/2)

14) help linux
Usage: linux FILE [ARGS...]
Load a linux kernel.

I think that a message telling the user that the ARGS are arguments for
the linux kernel instead of arguments for the grub's linux command would
be a good idea.

15) lsmod

As long as I am unable to run a pager can anyone tell me what the three
columns mean?

cat     1       normal,gzio
gzio    6       
boot    1       normal

16) help play

Usage: play FILE
Play a tune

What is the FILE format? Is it an AIFF, an AU, a WAV, or is it an ASCII
file that has tones?

I should not go to the source code for knowing it.

17) play ideas
It seems a rather complicated file... is there any utility for creating
it from grub2 or is it standard file that I do not know of?

Maybe it should have a --loop and -l argument. So that if no key is
pressed the file is played again.

Another --delay -d argument can be useful for determining the delay
period between one reproduction and another.

18) source, . , and configfile

If both source and '.' commands say that:
Load another config file without changing context.
Then the configfile command should say:
Load another config file (with a new context)
instead of saying:
Load another config file.

19) rescue and exit failure on qemu
I think that booting from my computer does not give this error.
If I boot from QEMU and type:

grub> rescue
and then :
grub rescue> exit


20) grub rescue help

help : Types the commands and a minimal explanation: OK
help any_command : Types the commands and a minimal explanation: NOT OK
help not_a_command : Types the commands and a minimal explanation: NOT OK

21) grub rescue exit help
When you are in grub rescue mode and you type help the exit line it's
the following one:

exit    exit from GRUB

Should it not prompt ?

exit    exit from GRUB rescue

22) copyright message missing
Why isn't there (when Grub is running) any message about the GRUB
Copyright and the GPL license and that you should have received and this
and that?

Is it a memory problem? (In grub legacy there was not any message like
this either)

Maybe we should implement an 'about' command and run it when booting :) ?

23) set read only variables
unset prefix lets me "delete" the prefix variable.
unset root does not let me the "root" variable.

I remember that bash has an option to set read only variables.
Maybe the root variable is a read only variable?

24) 'Command' commands
Is there any special reason why the
rescue, set, unset, export, insmod, rmmod, lsmod commands are in a
single file called: normal/command.c
instead of being in separate files in commands/ folder ?


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