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Re: GRUB Faq

From: Bruce Dubbs
Subject: Re: GRUB Faq
Date: Thu, 07 Jan 2010 13:52:06 -0600
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Robert Millan wrote:
On Tue, Jan 05, 2010 at 12:08:28AM -0600, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
I've been working on grub.texi and I notice a reference to I will change that to
grub-2-faq.en.html before I submit it.

Actually, I'd rather ditch the old FAQ and replace it completely.

In general, references to "GRUB 2" need to disappear from the website, wiki
and documentation.  Now that GRUB Legacy is completely obsolete it's not
necessary to make the distinction in most contexts.

Would you be interested in adapting the website?

I can do that if I have permissions.

  -- Bruce

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