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From: Bruce Dubbs
Subject: GRUB FAQ
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2010 23:15:04 -0600
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I'm working on updating the GRUB FAQ. So far I've got the following questions. Does anyone have any corrections or additional questions?

After I define the questions, I'll work on the answers.  :)

  -- Bruce

1.  I have questions about GRUB!
2.  Why did you need to rewrite GRUB?
3.  How does GNU GRUB differ from GRUB Legacy?
4.  Where is the documentation?
5.  Can GRUB boot my operating system from large hard disks?
6.  How are partitions specified?  It seems to be
    very different from the notation in my operating system.
7.  How can I boot Windows (or DOS) from a non-first disk?
8.  Can I install GRUB to a partition boot sector?
9.  How do I uninstall GRUB from my hard disk drive?
10. I installed GRUB, but it just hangs up.  What now?

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