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Re: [grub-devel] loongson-2f mini-pc (fuloong) elf image generation.

From: Vladimir 'φ-coder/phcoder' Serbinenko
Subject: Re: [grub-devel] loongson-2f mini-pc (fuloong) elf image generation.
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2013 01:31:11 +0200
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Is any part of this thread still an issue?
I marked it but it seems that there were couple of patches committed
since then and suppsedly it fixes all problems mentioned.
On 16.07.2013 21:25, Aleš Nesrsta wrote:
> Hi Vladimir,
> I have some additional information - results of some today's experiments.
> The main important thing related to USB keyboard:
> USB keyboard doesn't work if it is connected as first device to the same
> non-root hub port, where was connected USBMS device previously!
> If the keyboard is disconnected and connected again to the same port, it
> works.
> this behavior is systematical, it can be repeated at any time (at least
> on my PC).
> What is very interesting, USB keyboard is listed by command "usb".
> And it doesn't matter if previously connected USBMS device was HIGH of
> FULL device.
> I.e., according these test results, even if the USB keybord is not
> working, it is connected to port and addressed properly and its control
> pipe is working, but device itself is not working - maybe there is
> something wrong in "high level" driver (usb_keyboard) - ?
> There is also another bad thing - after some number of
> connecting/disconnecting of the keyboard (at least about 20 and more)
> the GRUB crashes - more properly, it reboots PC, i.e. there is probably
> also some memory leak...
> BR,
> Ales
>> 1.
>> Some of my USBMS devices have problems to work properly. It seems to be
>> some regression because they worked well on some older revisions... :-(
>> I did not make any investigation it this direction yet, as this problem
>> is probably not related to latest changes (fix of root ports) - so I
>> ignore them for now.
>> 2.
>> Sometimes some devices are not recognized (not working) in the case when
>> they are connected before USB "starting" time (before the moment when
>> USB modules/drivers are loaded) or when hub with this device is
>> connected.
>> Additionally, it seems to happen only if device is connected via hub(s),
>> not directly into root port - at least it was behavior during my tests
>> (but I did only few tests on root ports, I focused my tests to USB
>> keyboard connected via hub(s) etc.).
>> It looks like, in some rare cases, usbhub.c maybe miss some non-root hub
>> port change(s). Unfortunately I had no enough time to try debug these
>> situations.
>> So I went through Your changes in usbhub.c and other USB related files.
>> Unfortunately, I did not found reason of the problem mentioned above in
>> point 2. yet.
>> But I found some another points to discuss:
>> a)
>> I found my old mistake related to variable "pending_reset".
>> Meaning of this variable is to avoid concurrent reset on devices which
>> are connected to the same controller HW instance.
>> This variable is stored in wrong place - it should be located not in
>> "struct grub_usb_controller_dev" but in "struct grub_*hci" (i.e.
>> grub_uhci, grub_ohci etc.).
>> In fact, its current location is not totally bad - it is also working,
>> but it can slow down handling of USB devices (mainly in USB "starting"
>> phase) in case when there are more controllers of the same type.
>> b)
>> There is missing waiting for device stable power in case when device is
>> connected to ROOT hub later than in USB "starting" time.
>> This could possibly lead to wrong device reset and malfunction.
>> I.e. the "first half" of "grub_usb_poll_devices" should be little bit
>> changed, it is not correct to call "attach_root_port" immediately when
>> "detect_dev" detected device connection - it should be done e.g. in
>> similar way as in "grub_usb_controller_dev_register" (or maybe better in
>> some another, "background" way, like You did for non-root hub - to
>> prevent unwanted delay in execution of another GRUB parts).
>> c)
>> I thought about this old code:
>> "...
>> poll_nonroot_hub (grub_usb_device_t dev)
>> {
>>    grub_usb_err_t err;
>>    unsigned i;
>>    grub_uint8_t changed;
>>    grub_size_t actual, len;
>>    if (!dev->hub_transfer)
>>      return;
>> ..."
>> I think, as the possible "error recovery", the better than current
>> immediate return could be to try to call "grub_usb_bulk_read_background"
>> to schedule new background transfer for this hub before return - ?
>> d)
>> Cosmetic thing:
>> It will be fine to rename declaration
>> static struct grub_usb_hub *hubs;
>> to
>> static struct grub_usb_hub *root_hubs;
>> to be more self explanative... :-)
>> What do You think about the points a)-d) ?
>> BR,
>> Ales
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