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Re: [PATCH] Add Fedora location of DejaVu SANS font

From: Nicholas Vinson
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Add Fedora location of DejaVu SANS font
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2021 17:23:15 -0500
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On 12/8/21 12:58, Robbie Harwood wrote:
Nicholas Vinson <> writes:

On 12/7/21 15:04, Robbie Harwood wrote:
Nicholas Vinson <> writes:

Wouldn't it be better to modify so the location could
be passed in instead of having one-off patches for alternate
locations?  Something like

That would mean that anyone using grub2 that wants the dejavu fonts
will have to figure out that the option exists and pass it to the
buildscripts.  That's a pretty bad user experience for anyone
building their own grub.

On the contrary, it doesn't have to mean that at all. It could mean
that when a path is given, configure would use the provided path;
otherwise, it falls back to its default list to find the font.

But then we still have to keep the default list... and I'd still be here
as a distro maintainer wanting my distro's path in the default list.  I
don't see how this is any better.

And you want it in the default path because? Most likely because you're patching configure or using tools like sed or awk to change configure or Makefile to use your path? You know that approach is brittle and you want something better.

Adding your distro's choice location to a pre-defined list works until the distro changes where it stores the font. At that point you are back where you started. Manually patching GRUB until a version of GRUB is released with your new path in the list.

The same is true with any other distro that uses a location not in the list. The approach you're suggesting is that submit a patch, get GRUB updated.

What I am asking for puts an end to that. Once the flag is in place, the builder can pick whatever path is desirable, pass it into the configure script, and have GRUB builds. No need to craft a patch, send it to the mailing list, and wait for the update to make it into a GRUB release.

Such an approach would mimic configure's current behavior for values
such as bootdir and grubdir.

But those are *install* paths, not *detection* paths.  We're not
installing the font - we're figuring out where it is on the system.

In the context of building GRUB, bootdir and grubdir are *not* installation directories. They are simply default paths that get written into the built code.

Furthermore, autotools makes no distinction between such paths. The approach used to handle both types in is the same.

I get that maintaining a list of where everyone has put their fonts is
somewhat obnoxious, but in the absence of a standard way of doing it,
I'm not sure there's anything better.  The only other alternative I

See above and's solutions to similar issues for better
approaches. is 2189 lines of code.  You're going to have to be more
specific :)

Effort is often times its own reward. I would not want to deprive you of it.

Nicholas Vinson

Be well,

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