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mod_guile, guile-latte, and other webstuff for guile...

From: Jorgen 'forcer' Schaefer
Subject: mod_guile, guile-latte, and other webstuff for guile...
Date: 06 Nov 2000 11:05:33 +0100

Hi there!
I know i did quite a big fuzz about how I'm going to write
mod_guile.  That was back when i used to have a lot of time :( I'm
really sorry for that.  I'll not be able to complete it, but i
have a few good ideas about it.

What I'm (very probably) going to write is guile-latte, a reader
for the latte language ( which might prove
very valuable as a server-side "scripting language", if i can get
the implementation to be fast enough :)

Related to this, does anyone know when read/rp and friends will
be available in guile?  I don't consider myself knowledgeable
enough to implement these, but I'd like to use them..

Also, it would be nice if we could get BRL (or something like
BRL) on Guile. (which would result in possibilities like writing
BRL with Latte syntax... :)

Are there other people interested in things like this?  Is there
a mailing list?  (i know about the lisp-web mailing list, I'm
looking for something closer to guile).

        -- forcer

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