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Re: mod_guile, guile-latte, and other webstuff for guile...

From: rm
Subject: Re: mod_guile, guile-latte, and other webstuff for guile...
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2000 14:22:34 +0100
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On Mon, Nov 06, 2000 at 07:27:39AM -0500, Dale P. Smith wrote:
> I've been working on my own mod_guile for a while now.  You can write
> handlers in scheme that take a smobified request_rec as an argument. 
> Standard out is a port that uses ap_rwrite and friends.  Right now there
> are two hard-coded content handlers, scheme and "gbrl".   Scheme code is
> evaluated with gh_eval_file_with_catch.  Not nearly done, but it is
> working.

Is your code available online? I'm very interested in a working
mod_guile (or something close to it). I was thinking about writing
one myself but wanted to wait until the bottom-of-stack detection
was solved and the new module system was a bit clearer.

> I have a good deal of brl ported to guile, except I'm using "#>" for "]"
> and "<#" for "[".  Just one read-hash-extend and you don't have to patch
> guile!  The [ and ] are a *lot* cleaner looking though. :(  The sql-xxx
> functions are only using guile-pg.  It would really be nice if we had a
> common api for all the databases, like odbc or jdbc.

Seems to be pretty quiet there. Of course there is forcers 
squile API ... (which i'm using here with some patches for 

> > Are there other people interested in things like this?  Is there
> > a mailing list?  (i know about the lisp-web mailing list, I'm
> > looking for something closer to guile).
> I'm *very* interested!

Me too! :-)

  Ralf Mattes

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