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Re: [ntp:hackers/Guile devel] ntp-dev changes

From: Bruce Korb
Subject: Re: [ntp:hackers/Guile devel] ntp-dev changes
Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2006 08:39:58 -0700
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Hi Harlan, Reg, NTP developers (via relay) & Guile developers:

This is a problem.  I (almost) only ever use pre-built Guile
packages and let others struggle with the porting issue.
Occasionally, I do build it just to verify that current
versions haven't wiggled too much for AutoGen to operate,
but otherwise, no.

So, Reg, can you please tell us all the platform and compiler
you used that triggered the Guile build failure?

Thank you.

Regards, Bruce

Harlan Stenn wrote:
Subject: Re: [ntp:hackers] ntp-dev changes
From: Reg Clemens <address@hidden>
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2006 11:57:48 -0600
To: Harlan Stenn <address@hidden>
Autogen will not be required until next week, as I'm not going to be
adding the AutoGen stuff until after 4.2.2 is out (4.2.1 is now being
called 4.2.2 as the last number is now 'even' for 'stable' releases).

It's a GNU tool, so any GNU archive should have it.

Bruce Korb is the author, and he is (kindly) working with me on this
project as we're doing some new things with it.

Just a quick note, Ive got to take a shower and get down to the lab.

But, pulled autogen from, tried compiling it.
It wanted libguile, which I also dont have.
I pulled guile-1.6.7 from the same place, that seemed to be what I wanted.
It died during the build with
guile.c:91: error: array type has incomplete element type

Ill look at that when I get home this evening, but this could cause
folks to be unhappy with the change...

P.S. Reg, it should be possible to Google around and find a pre-built
Guile package for your platform.  AutoGen has been jiggered and re-jiggered
to work with Guile 1.4.7(?) through 1.8 (latest AutoGen only).
BTW, AutoGen should only be required for constructing a distribution, and
not required for building the distribution itself.  It is a development tool.

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