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Re: [ntp:hackers/Guile devel] ntp-dev changes

From: Bruce Korb
Subject: Re: [ntp:hackers/Guile devel] ntp-dev changes
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2006 09:36:59 -0700
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Bruce Korb wrote:

So, it seems to me that there is an inconsistency in the build environment
and the defining of DYNAMIC_LINKING. The problem is almost certainly
in Guile. But, I have heard complaints (that I only fuzzily remember)
that Guile does not build with GCC-4. Assuming I am remembering
correctly :) , the headers that GCC-4 bring along with itself are
causing "scm_lt_dlsymlist" to be an incomplete type and "scm_lt_dlpreload_default"
to be a macro that expands to the empty string (unreferenced variable).

I'll poke into this a bit more, but I do wish a Guile developer could
chime in with a word or two.

In guile-ltdl.h:

> typedef struct scm_i_lt_dlsymlist_struct scm_lt_dlsymlist;

In guile-ltdl.c /* NOTE: ".c" not ".h" */:

> #define SCM_INSERTED_DLSYMLIST_STRUCT_DECL scm_i_lt_dlsymlist_struct

In raw-ltdl.h:

/* A preopened symbol. Arrays of this type comprise the exported
symbols for a dlpreopened module. */
const char *name;
lt_ptr address;
} lt_dlsymlist;

Guile folks, please, how is this supposed to work? The guile.c module
needs to see all three of these code fragments to compile correctly.
Anyway, for me it builds with GCC 3.x and fails with 4.x, but looks
like it should fail no matter what the compiler. What gives?

Thanks - Bruce

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