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Git import issues

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Git import issues
Date: Mon, 07 Apr 2008 01:00:57 +0200
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I discovered scary things in our new Git repository, more precisely in
the `branch_release-1-8' branch, and I'm wondering how I can have missed
them earlier given that I already committed and rebuilt things in that
branch earlier.

Basically "master" is OK, but commits are missing in branches,
apparently only commits that add or remove files.

For example, `branch_release-1-8' lacks "{check,benchmark}" and
"doc/r5rs/r5rs.texi"; conversely, it has "acconfig.h", an old file that
had been deleted long ago.

Han-Wen's import does not have these problems [0], and the CVS repo
either [1].  Eric Blake reported similar problems about his import of
GNU M4 a while back [2].

I emailed Han-Wen and Eric to get advice from them.  I'm also
considering other methods such as using `cvs2git' [3] to do the import
(which Dale P. Smith actually suggested on IRC some time ago, although I
didn't see any compelling reason to use it back then...).

I apologize for this problem and the inconvenience it causes, which
demonstrate my excess of confidence on that matter.  I'll try hard to
fix it ASAP.  Hopefully it should be fairly easy to recommit the few
patches that were committed to the Git repo if we need to start with a
fresh import.



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