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Patch: New section "Invoking Guile" for chapter "Programming in Scheme"

From: Mark Harig
Subject: Patch: New section "Invoking Guile" for chapter "Programming in Scheme"
Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2011 15:46:13 -0400

Here is a set of patches to add the new section "Invoking Guile" to the chapter "Programming in Scheme."

CAVEAT: Please review the subsection "Environment Variables" thoroughly before committing this change.
This subsection is "incorekt and incomplet."  The list of variables is my *guess* based on looking through the
NEWS file.  Some variables might need to be deleted from the list and some missing ones might need to be
added.  The descriptions of the variables are also my guess (when I could make a guess) based on
descriptions I could find.  Please change or delete these variables or their descriptions as needed.

Please find attached five (git format-patch) patch files (one for each changed file).  I am also including the
plain-text version of the new section "Invoking Guile" so that the content can be more easily reviewed
without having to navigate the texinfo macros.

I have attempted to check the .texinfo files by reviewing both the .info and .dvi (TeX) files that can be
generated from the .texinfo files.

Description: Text Data

Description: Text Data

Attachment: 0003-doc-ref-guile-invoke.texi-node-Invoking-Guile-Initia.patch
Description: Text Data

Attachment: 0004-doc-ref-indices.texi-Minor-corrections-to-the-text-a.patch
Description: Text Data

Attachment: 0005-Corrected-some-cross-references-that-had-parentheses.patch
Description: Text Data

Attachment: invoking-guile.txt
Description: Text document

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