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Re: To gh_ or not to gh_?

From: Sam Tregar
Subject: Re: To gh_ or not to gh_?
Date: Fri, 11 May 2001 02:02:41 -0400 (EDT)

On Thu, 10 May 2001, Jeff Read wrote:

> I don't know how the Guile developers feel but it seems to me as
> though Microsoft .NET got there sooner, and did it better.

Sooner?  As in next year?  I mean, it's not actually running anyone's
applications, is it?

> At least, that's the perception, as everybody and their brother (even
> the Perl and Python guys) are rallying behind .NET as THE
> cross-platform, language-agnostic development solution. (There is even
> a .NET Scheme implementation somewhere...)

Perl 6, at least, isn't wedded to any particular platform.  The
architecture is being designed to allow for pluggable backends - JVM,
.NET, compiled C, etc.  It's also being designed to have a redefinable
parser.  Maybe Guile will morph into a parser that produces Perl 6 IR?
There was some brief talk on p6-internals last week about how
continuations might work in Perl.

> It's pretty amazing that RMS set forth these lofty goals for Guile,
> and years later all that most anybody uses it for is a damned fine
> embedded or standalone Scheme interpreter (which it is... damned fine,
> that is). As for me, I don't care if Guile never groks Perl or Tcl
> code; I'd rather build programs with it than with .NET any day.

Indeed.  Maybe the GNU Script position is still open after all...


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