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HELP: crash while using Guile on a Win32 multithreaded development conte

From: Daniel CAUNE
Subject: HELP: crash while using Guile on a Win32 multithreaded development context
Date: 16 Apr 2002 10:17:36 +0200


I'm encountering some problems with a development at home of a small
server application in C++ using the Guile dynamic libraries for the
Windows platform, included in the file downloaded from 

One of my application's thread dynamically loads the Guile library
(dynamic binding) and calls the gh_enter function (i.e. scm_boot_guile)
to initialize the Scheme interpreter, and then... all the application's
process shutdowns brutally! I was a bit confused, so I've developped a
mono-threaded application to test this Guile library (static binding),
and it rocks!

So I've trie to investigate further, debugging the assembly code of the
Guile library called by my server application code (this library doesn't
include debug information, but I get the Guile source files from GNU web
site), and trying to understand where it sucks.

I've followed my instruction pointer until the scm_internal_lazy_catch
code (throw.c) where I lost it, my baby crying and asking for her milk
in the darkness of the night... Return to the reallity! I'll certainly
continue my quest tonight, but I would prefer that a valiant knight, or
a magician, gives here the exact reason of my trouble, if he've already
encountered it.



"Thuong nhau qua, can nhau dau..." 

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